Aims & Attainment

Aims & Objectives :

  1. To advance and extend the principles and practice of Homoeopathy
  2. To improve the public health and Homoeopathic Education
  3. To strive, to preserve and to promote the honour and dignity and socio-economic status of the Homoeopathic profession and to protect its legitimate rights and interests; and in particular those of qualified Homoeopathic Practitioners.
  4. The promotion of friendly feelings amongst all Homoeopathic Practitioners, as also co-operation with different branches of medical and allied sciences.
  5. To strive for the recognising of Homoeopathic medicine by WHO.
  6. The institute has only a philanthropic purpose, and shall not carry on any business or trade of any kind.
  7. The Institute shall be for the development of Homoeopathic science only in accordance with the basic principles of Homoeopathy and shall keep free from political or communal shades.

Methods For Attainment :

  • Hold periodical meetings and conferences of the members of the institute, and of the medical profession in general.
  • Diffuse among members and others, information on all matters affecting Homoeopathy and to establish, print, publish, edit, issue and circulate such papers, journals, magazines, books, periodicals, circulars, calendars and publications as may seem conductive to any of the objects of the institute.
  • Arrange lectures, discussions and demonstrations and conferences periodically or from time to time for maintaining standard of the members.
  • Maintain or form or encourage to form Homoeopathic Library or Libraries.
  • Encourage research in Homoeopathic and allied sciences with grants out of the funds of the institute by the establishment of scholarship, prizes or awards in such other manners as may from time to time be determined by the Institute.
  • Conduct an educative campaign among the masses of India in the matter of public health, sanitation, family planning or other national programmes by co-operating with different public bodies working with the same objects.
  • Express its views on all questions pertaining to any proposed legislation affecting public health in general and Homoeopathic profession in particular before the Central Government & State Governments and take such steps from time to time regarding the same as shall be deemed expedient or necessary.
  • Organise medical corps for providing medical relief during epidemic and in times of emergency
  • Support the candidature of a member or members or such other candidates who may be sympathetic to Homoeopathy for any medical, or legislative or public body in which questions affecting Homoeopathy or Homoeopathic medical relief are considered.
  • Accept any gift, endowment or bequest made to the institute generally, or for any specific object connected with Homoeopathy or allied medical sciences and to carry out any lawful trust attached to any gift, endowment or bequest so accepted.
  • Purchase, construct acquire or lease on rental basis, hold, manage, let sell, exchange, mortgage or otherwise dispose of moveable or immovable property of every description for the purpose of the institute.
  • Establish and extend support to any institution engaged in providing Homoeopathic treatment on non-profitable basis.
  • Borrow or raise money, or invest the money of the institute, on such terms and upon such security, as may be though fit.
  • Co-operate, amalgamate, affiliate, or become affiliated with any organization, local or national or international having similar objects.
  • Do all such things and adopt all such other ways and means as are cognate to the objects of the institute, or are incidental and conductive to the attainment of the above objects or any one of them.